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Let Us Style

Ready to refresh your space? Let us help…we’ll help you find your style, select products or use items you already have, and then walk you through styling or style the space for you. se items of your own that you already love. Quarterly stylings are charged by room/space and are $79 per space excluding new items.

Does your space need a refresh or maybe a complete overhaul? We’re here to help you create exactly what you want or give us your vision and we will style everything for you. We love working on one space at a time- this helps us truly focus on making it uniquely you and providing you with the exact style your looking for. _________________________________________________________________ Phase 1 – Dream It This is your part of the process. What space in your home needs some help…maybe a little refresh or a complete overhaul, we’re here to help! Phase 2- Consultation Let’s chat! We’ll spend some time talking through the space, sharing some pictures of the space we are working on and determining what your goal is for this styling. We might even send you a quick questionnaire to gain inspiration. For example; what is your style, what’s your space missing, are there any pieces you want to reuse in this space? During this phase in the process, we will ask you to shop our website to see if there are any items you are head over heels with and would want us to use in your space. The consultation part of the RG Home Stylings is available in a few options: Refresh- when you space just needs something fresh, maybe it needs some new decor or even just using some pieces you already love. The “Refresh” cost is $25. Space Overhaul- when your space or room needs a complete overhaul…new design, new look, new items. The “Overhaul” cost is $65. Multiple Space Refresh (Up to 3)- when you have multiple spaces in your home that need help. Maybe the spare bathroom, the laundry room, and that nook in the kitchen…they all need a few new pieces and some change. The “Multiple Space Refresh” is $50 Phase 3 – Design In the design phase, we’ll take all we have learned from our previous conversations and create a few stylings for you. We’ll use items we have or pieces that you have told us you love to create multiple stylings. We will contact your with our design concepts and thoughts. You then tell us what you love or what you want to tweak…mix and match collections or make adjustments. Phase 4 – Finishing Touches We’re almost there!! We’ll tweak our stylings based on your feedback and preferences. In the finishing touches phase, we’ll provide you with a link to the items you picked from our styling that you want to purchase from RG to use in your space. We’ll coordinate for the items to be shipped to you or you can pick up locally in Cincinnati. Phase 5 – Styling The styling phase the is best part…bringing it all to life in your space. We would love to help you finish out the space by styling it with you. We’ll schedule a virtual meeting to walk you through how to place all your items to create the vision you dreamed of. We charge a $79 styling fee, that will be included in phase 4 purchases. Quarterly RG Home Styling Sessions We also offer home stylings on a quarterly basis. Let us give your already RG styled space a refresh. We’ll bring in a few new items to add to items from prior stylings and we can even use items of your own that you already love. Quarterly stylings are charged by room/space and are $79 per space excluding new items.