Our Story

Welcome to Rustic Grains, we’re glad you’re here. Allow us to introduce ourselves and share a little about who we are as a family, as a couple and as a business. We are Daniel and Sarah Cox and we began this journey with humble hearts, big dreams, and a whole lot of faith. We prayed for guidance and clarity as we began to think through our name, products, and mission when God then placed the verse Matthew 17:20 on our hearts. “He replied, “Because you have so little faith. Truly I tell you, if you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there,’ and it will move. Nothing will be impossible for you.”

This verse rings loud and clear to us each and every day in everything that we do. From our company name, Rustic Grains, to working with grains of wood, we see the correlation as our faith as a grain of a mustard seed…and at the time we had no idea how important this verse would continue to be for our family.

On October 24th, 2019, we lost our home and shop to a fire that took nearly all of our belongings. There were very few things left but as we picked through the rubble we found  our precious family pictures still hanging on the studs and our family bible that was perfectly intact. God had his hand on our family that day, no one was home except for Daniel who escaped unharmed. We can replace the material thing we lost that day and even though it has been difficult, what matters most is that we are all still here together. That incredible blessing is not lost on us.

Since the fire, our family has had a full array of emotions and daily struggles. It’s not just something that “goes away”, we still deal with something related to the fire each day. However, we look at the loss as the biggest blessing our family has and most likely will ever have. God showed us so much that day and each day following that we have learned and grown so much for the better. God has continued to provide for us and taught us how strong our faith in him needs to be to continue on.

So here we are, diving in on faith full of hope and promise that you will enjoy the goods we love to create!  We want our pieces to help mold your house into a home for you and your families. We want to help you create spaces that are unique and welcoming for family and friends helping foster family time and gathering together.  These are the things we love most of all.

We truly feel that God has big plans for the Cox Crew and Rustic Grains and we are so anxious to continue on this journey with each of you!

Our Team

PEELING BACK THE BARK…With the faith of a mustard seed and the beautiful grains of wood, husband and wife team, Daniel & Sarah Cox began Rustic Grains in 2017. They began this journey with humble hearts, big dreams and a whole lot of faith in hopes that their passion for Christ and creating would meet you where you need it.


Together, Daniel & Sarah own Rustic Grains, Rustic Grains Wood Company, The Tea Trailer, & Mustard Seed Market.  Rustic Grains hosts multiple events around the Greater Cincinnati area including:


Girls Nights Out in Goshen, Bethel, Ft. Thomas, & Wilmington.  Girls Nights Out are a place where community meets friendship while supporting & shopping local, taking some time to pamper yourself, and creating lifetime memories with your gals!


Market 1720- a shop small market located in Goshen & Milford.  Market 1720 is a one day, free to the public, pop up market supporting 20-30 local small family owned businesses. 


Mustard Seed Market held three times a year at the Clermont County Fairgrounds.  We open the grounds for an entire weekend with over 100 local businesses bringing you unique & curated displays showcasing handcrafted & one of a kind goods & services you can’t find just anywhere.  



Daniel Cox is co-owner, co-crafter, and builder of Rustic Grains Wood Company. Daniel was born and raised in Pleasant Plain, Ohio. He has planted his roots in Pleasant Plain and currently resides there with Sarah and their 4 little ones. Daniel loves life on the farm and bringing up the kiddos to know and enjoy this way of life.

Daniel’s favorite times are in the workshop where he can use his hands and skills he has learned to create unique masterpieces. He enjoys working with clients to help define the exact look they are trying to achieve and help bring it to life.  In 2024, he also started a new venture, “The Tea Trailer” bringing southern sweet made to order your way.  Expect to see The Tea Trailer around town and set up ready to serve you Summer of 2024.

At the end of the day, he is a kid at heart and loves to use his hands and definitely get them dirty.



Sarah Cox is co-owner, co-crafter, and designer of Rustic Grains. Sarah was born and raised in Texas and moved to Ohio with her family in 1998. Her and Daniel currently reside in Pleasant Plain, OH. with their 4 kiddos. She appreciates a simpler life, making from scratch, and the older ways of living. She cherishes family time, handmade goods, and having home at the center of all things. Sarah strives to create unique and simple pieces that can complement any space. She loves to make old things new and find ways to make use out of everything. In between the craziness of life, Sarah enjoys life on the farm and the time she gets in the kitchen cooking family recipes. She cherishes family traditions and loves snuggling up in a handmade quilt with her littles.

Sarah is also co-owner of Abiding Farmstead, a business centered on homesteading & abiding in the Lord.  Abiding Farmstead is a community created with purpose that will harvest through seasons together. Creating a life that is imperfect and always in progress, while being full of hope & fueled by grace & faith! 

RG Littles


Daniel and I have been married for 16 years, where has the time gone!  We have 4 little ones, Crosley, Alden, Nolia, and Lonnie who are our pride and joy, our sunshine and hope, and our love and strength. To say we have a normal day around our house is an understatement.  These four are soo full of energy and life.  We have been a homeschool family for 5 years now and truly cherish the extra time spent together.  Our kiddos are what inspired the “Little Saplings” Market that we host within Mustard Seed Market, and we couldn’t be more proud of them.  From frogs to mud, to dancing around the house, if they can find a way to make something fun, they will!  We have learned to love sticky floors, a messy kitchen, and piles of laundry- it’s what makes our house a home!